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Jho Dwild is an international Electro Violinist , as a great performer his perfect hear allows him to improvise though each and every music genre adding special sonorities making him truely unique. He was born in New Caledonia, where the musical culture is as rich as it is diverse. Raised in a family of musicians, he developed his gifted ear by listening to pianists from the romantic period, the greatest Russian composers, and the most beautiful violin concertos. Read more

At the age of 3, he asked his grandmother for his first violin, "the instrument of the devil" one year later, he enrolled at the conservatory of Noumea, and ever since, he has held a passion for music deep in his heart. Later, Jho became interested in the modern sounds of Pop and Rock. He had dreamed of playing Jimi Hendrix using various distortion pedals and a wha-wha with an electric violin. Starting in 2000, Jho played with many bands spread across music scenes of his native island, mostly with «L’Ere de rien» who won the Public Award for their album «Être un Oiseau» in 2009. Playing all genres with remarkable ease, Jho is particularly noted for his unique interpretations of large, flaming solos from his rock repertoire. His remarkable talent and charismatic stage presence, has led to continuous requests from international artists passing by New Caledonia to join them on tour in Europe ( Loonaloop ), and Australia ( Kim Churchill ).

Always looking of new musical universes, he settled in Paris in 2013 to study jazz at the «Swing Romane Academy». He did so with great passion, while touring relentlessly and played with artists such as Alex Balduzzi (Pop/Rock), and recorded aswell for Loca Tangata (Folk/World) , Kams (Reggae) and Jean No (French song).

However, the call of the road was the strongest for Jho, and he soon had the opportunity to explore new countries and new sounds: from the Ivory Coast, collaborating on the album of Mirna ( Tiken prod ), to Jacin ( Dub), Canada for the album of Kubark (OTSR electro), Berlin with Simdal (Rap) in Malta aswell with DJ Alex Thomson, Asama ( House ) in Goa with Nelio and in Thailand where he performed several times during the notably famous « Full Moon Party » in Koh Phangan with DJ Marco Loco, David Chong, MaRives, Leon Mester, Sho Ando , Alex Mazor, Arnaud Pbp (Deep/Prog House, Trance).

Throughout these wonderful experiences, he developed his own unique style of house and electro music. A True & Authentic Performer of electronic music, Jho makes now the crowds dancing all around the world.




  • Interview with Jho Dwild Violinist Extraordinairre

    Jho, professional musician, has been playing violin since the age of 4. His improvisational style spans the genres for music lovers all around the world in deep house, pop, rock, reggae and dub.

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    I was impressed with the instrument as you don’t have a proper note. On guitar, piano and on all instruments, you touch and you have a sound. I remember as a kid it was a magical instrument as you never know where you would put the finger and you needed to be a magician to touch the neck and make the note, so I wanted to try because all the other instruments looked easy to learn and play.